Ginger bevanda analcolica Conad 1.5L

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The Ginger 1.5 l Conad soft drink has a well-balanced taste, given by the perfect balance of sparkling, sweet and bitter notes. It is the perfect drink to serve for aperitifs or to make non-alcoholic cocktails.

On the palate the flavor is relevant and easily recognizable, a drink that quenches thirst without weighing you down. Try it with a few ice cubes and a slice of lemon, ideal for brightening up your hot summer days.

Also known as red foam, ginger has ginger among its main ingredients, which gives the drink its sweet and sour and spicy taste, as well as its characteristic red colour. The rhizome, the twisted root with a pungent, fresh and slightly spicy taste, is extracted from this plant with elongated leaves and tropical flowers. This ingredient boasts numerous properties and is able to treat various ailments, above all digestive ones. It is a drink that has no contraindications and can be enjoyed by everyone in moderation, even by children.

As an aperitif, ginger was born as a drink that stimulates the appetite, much loved by our grandparents for its sweet and slightly spicy aroma. If you love unusual tastes, this is the soft drink for you, as good as few others and with a spicy and sweet and sour taste that is addictive.

It is the king of aperitifs and, mixed together with other drinks, juices and white wine, ginger lends itself to the creation of numerous cocktails, such as the Banana Boat, the Sunset or the Orange Fresh. Accompany it with savory appetizers and canapés that enhance its flavour.

Conad ginger proves to be the perfect product for those who do not like to drink alcoholic beverages and prefer a drink with a refined taste.

Store Conad ginger in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. After opening, place the bottle tightly closed in the refrigerator and consume within a few days.

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