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Tutto in 1 Conad is a specific product designed to be used in your home dishwasher. It allows you to perfectly clean the crockery and cutlery even with short-term washing. You can also prevent the limescale deposit that tends to form on dishes... and more! All in 1 Multiaction, in fact, takes this name thanks to the multiple capacities concentrated all in a single gel. Dirt cannot win due to the product's ability to degrease. But above all the plates, glasses, forks, spoons and knives in your kitchen shine clean and have a pleasant and unmistakable lemon scent!

Using the Conad Tutto in 1 Multi-Action is very simple: just pour the product into the detergent tray according to the doses recommended for your dishwasher and activate the best program for the type of washing you prefer. He takes care of the rest!

Choosing Conad Dishwashing Gel doesn't just mean thinking about the cleanliness of your dishes but also making an important contribution to protecting the environment. First, before loading the dishwasher, remove as much dirt as possible from the dishes to avoid excessive energy and water consumption of your dishwasher. And, above all, the container and cap of the Dishwasher Gel, being both made of plastic, are easily recyclable if thrown in the separate collection after you have removed the label. Every little action matters for the future of our planet!

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