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There can be a more delicious snack than Good morning? Yup, Good morning Chocolate! 22 hours of natural leavening, delicious chocolate that covers the whole brioche, and soft cocoa cream inside. When you love chocolate, why decide whether to just put it inside or outside as well. The taste of the classic good morning is the same, the soft dough and the granulated sugar will be there waiting for you every morning, with the addition of delicious chocolate inside and around your brioche, because the words "too much" and "chocolate" don't they should exist in the same sentence.

Buondì is ready to welcome true gourmands for breakfast, perhaps dipped in milk making it more chocolatey or as a snack, accompanied by fruit. Buondì is also suitable to follow you everywhere, individually enclosed in a practical package, it can be easily slipped into a bag or backpack to take to school for a fantastic playtime. Whether you want to enjoy it at home, while playing or watching a movie, or at the park, choose it for your break.

Buondì is the snack loved by adults and children alike. Created in 1953 with the intention of producing a brioche based on the traditional panettone. The product quickly became very popular, initially sold individually in bars, much appreciated in the morning accompanied by a good cappuccino, it became so famous that it soon had to create a package that could also be sold to families to be able to enjoy it comfortably at home whenever you had it wants. Today as then, the goodness of Buondì has never changed, just as the desire to have it on the table in the morning next to the latte coffee has never changed. In packs of 6 snacks, delicately wrapped one by one so as not to lose the unmistakable flavour, enriched by the deliciousness of chocolate.

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