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What's better than munching popcorn in front of the TV, watching a sports match or your favorite movie? However, cooking corn, even if simple, always requires a little attention during cooking and in case we want to monitor the preparation and add seasonings: in fact, to cook popcorn in a pan you need a minimum amount of oil and butter , shake the pan from time to time to avoid any burns and often check the desired cooking point.

With Conad microwave popcorn corn you will have a delicious product ready in just a few minutes, without having to add condiments: just open the outer casing and insert the bag in the center of the microwave oven.
It is necessary to activate the appliance, setting the timer to 3-4 minutes with a power of 450-600 W, 2-3 minutes for 600-700 W, 1-2 minutes for 1000 W.
If the popcorn starts popping at 1 or 2 second intervals, you can turn off the oven early, while if you find too many unpopped kernels inside the bag, you will need to increase the time interval on the timer with a second bag.

It will be easy to make popcorn when we have sudden guests or are left without something to munch on in the evening in front of the TV. For the little ones it will certainly be a moment of celebration to find, within a few minutes, an inviting container full of hot popcorn!

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