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The Conad Toothpaste 7-13 years 75 ml is a specific toothpaste for the needs of children. In fact, their teeth are particularly sensitive to cavities because the enamel is weaker than that of adults. However, caries in baby teeth can also cause worse damage by weakening the permanent teeth. Conad Toothpaste 7-13 Years with a delicate mint flavor is a toothpaste that refreshes, helps strengthen enamel and helps protect against tooth decay and plaque. At the base of this toothpaste is fluorine, a very important mineral which strengthens the bones by favoring the deposit of calcium inside them and, above all, which promotes the good development of the teeth. It also reduces the risk of damage to the enamel by counteracting the acidity in the oral cavity. Fluoride performs a fundamental protective and remineralizing function because every day our teeth are exposed to the aggression of acids produced by plaque.
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