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Coca-Cola Original Taste is the most popular and drunk carbonated soft drink in the world, with a brand that is one of the most recognizable everywhere and has influenced generations of young people and adults, with its red color and white writing. Everyone knows this soft drink, with a sweet and sparkling taste at the same time. A unique taste that has been part of the lives of many generations who have loved it and continue to love it, bringing it to the tables every day.

There first Coke it was invented in Atlanta in 1886 by the pharmacist John S. Pemberton. He devised a syrup that was very successful, even at the time, appreciated for its flavour. He sold it in his pharmacy, by the glass and was immediately very successful among the population. Over time, it transformed into Coca Cola. It arrived in Italy 25 years later, in 1927 and immediately made its way into the hearts of Italians.

Since then everyone has tasted this drink, which has become a classic to bring to the table for lunch or dinner and is a must for every event. To best enjoy all the unique flavor of Original , serve it chilled at a temperature of 2-3°C degrees. Taste the feeling.

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