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Obtained with a careful selection of supplier companies and with rigorous controls on the supply chain, our pitted black olives in a 50x2 g tray are a quality product.

Essential alongside chips, peanuts and tarallucci for aperitifs and for all your home parties, pitted black olives are the right ingredient for many recipes and get along with many foods in the kitchen.

Essential for preparing Livorno-style fish and Ligurian-style rabbit, Neapolitan-style escarole, Greek salad and Sicilian-style orange salad, they are perfect for filling pizza and friselle, croutons and canapés, as a pasta with tuna, to enhance rice salad and stewed cod with potatoes, seafood salad and any mixed salad.

To accompany a drink, to have a delicately salty snack, to offer guests something appetizing and genuine while waiting for dinner, for appetizers and side dishes, for many first and second courses, count on our pitted black olives. The unit package contains 2 portions of 50 g and is also characterized by the excellent relationship between quality and price.

So tasty and light (59 kcal per 50 g) that the warning on the label to consume the entire portion once opened may be completely unnecessary, pitted black olives are also suitable for those on a diet. Being gluten-free, they are suitable for those suffering from celiac disease.

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