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Privolat Honey Biscuits are shortbread biscuits with honey, prepared without milk and eggs, for you who are intolerant or allergic to them. A simple recipe, with few ingredients, that doesn't even make you notice the absence of milk and eggs. They are greedy, prepared with flour, sugar, oil and honey, to give them that extra touch of flavor and make them even tastier. They have no hydrogenated fats, glucose syrup, palm oil, dyes and preservatives. What's more, they have 65% less saturated fat than the average best-selling shortbread. Whatever your idea of ​​wellness is, there's a world of tailor-made products for you!

All the simple and light taste of Privolat shortbread, expertly balanced, to offer you a crumbly, tasty shortbread with the unique goodness of honey, which makes it even more special. Enjoy them for breakfast with milk and coffee or even with five o'clock tea. Every moment is good to savor Misura's honey biscuits without milk and eggs. An Italian product that knows how to make you forget the deprivation of eggs and milk and lets you live carefree, eating delicious biscuits without lactose and milk proteins.

Buy Misura Privolat Honey Biscuits 400 g now and find out how difficult it is to feel the absence of eggs and milk from these honey shortbread biscuits, delicious and ideal to munch on at any time of the day, morning and evening, whenever you want.
Nature is good for you Do good for nature! Recycle the outer wrapping and inner sticks in the plastic collection, while the corrugated paper in the paper collection. Always follow the instructions of your municipality on waste disposal, for a sustainable future. Cookies contain wheat/wheat and may contain soy. They do not contain eggs, milk, lactose and milk proteins.

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100% Italian
Nature is good for you Do good for nature! Recycle me! Outer wrapping & inner sticks - Plastic Corrugated paper - Paper


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