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For decades, Ferrero has been working to offer you a product with an inimitable taste and creaminess, which has always conquered the palate of gourmands of all ages, and beyond. Nutella is used at home and in bars, for the preparation of desserts and in pastry shops, to win over a wide range of consumers.
Made with hazelnuts, sugar, palm oil, skimmed milk powder, low-fat cocoa, soy lecithin and vanillin, it is colourant-free and gluten-free.

With Nutella you can start the day by spreading the contents of one or more of the 6 packs on rusks or soft bread: together with a coffee or a cup of milk for the little ones, it will give you the energy you need to face the morning.
As a snack it will be the perfect complement to dry biscuits or a plum cake, or you can try it to fill a croissant or a homemade donut.
Hazelnut cream lends itself well to garnish a tart, cupcakes or baked croissants, or a fresh cheesecake!
The package that you find in the Conad store will allow you to always carry Nutella with you, to use it comfortably during an outdoor breakfast, a picnic or to give yourself a moment of sweetness during a break from work!

Simply eaten with a teaspoon directly from one of the jars, it can be useful for recovering energy during sports training or during a study break.
In short, immediately add Nutella in the 6 x 15 gram pack to your online shopping list and enjoy all the creaminess of a unique product of its kind!

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