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An indispensable product for measuring out the sugar to put in the coffee in the right quantities, or for taking it wherever you want in a comfortable and practical way, and never run out of the king of sweeteners!

Conad has chosen Italia Zuccheri, a cooperative of 5,000 Italian sugar beet producers making up the only 100% Italian sugar supply chain: the company's intent is to bring the values ​​of solidarity towards national production chains to your table.
The product is obtained solely from beets sown, harvested and processed in Italy, and the Italia Zuccheri production chain is certified according to rigorous standards.

Conad sugar sachets are perfect to serve together with a coffee, tea, herbal tea or other drink when you have guests at home, to feel a bit like at the bar! Furthermore, the practical single portions allow you to avoid coming into contact with crockery and cutlery already used by others, and thus preserve the right hygienic conditions.
Conad 100% Italian sugar is perfect when you're away from home and you may need a sweetener in a practical and easy-to-use way: imagine you're on a picnic and you've brought a thermos of coffee or tea. Couldn't you have brought the sugar bowl too? Obviously not! For this reason, sachets are the best way to always have sugar with you that you can pour into your hot drinks, even at the beach, on a meadow, or in the high mountains!

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