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The Conad Candied Macedonia 70g is ideal for giving a touch of sweetness, color and joy to all your recipes.

Citrus-based gluten-free candied fruit, historically used in the East, has been a fundamental ingredient for the preparation of many traditional Italian desserts for centuries. The first that comes to mind is certainly the famous Sicilian cassata: a triumph of sweetness and creaminess, but there are also Trentino zetlen, Genoese pandolce, Crema spongarda, Sienese panforte and obviously the king of Christmas sweets: Lombard Panettone . The preparation of this dessert is decidedly long and complex but if you don't want to give it up you can always opt for a delicious soft cake with candied fruit, which recalls its flavor and aroma but whose preparation is simple and quick. To prepare it, start by whipping 70g of sugar with 80g of soft butter until creamy, then add 50g of milk and two eggs one at a time. At this point, sift 180g of 00 flour and 8g of baking powder and add them to the mixture. Now you can finally incorporate the 70g of Conad candied fruit salad, pour everything into a buttered and floured cake mold and cook in a preheated oven at 180° for 30-35 minutes. When cooked, sprinkle with icing sugar and colored sprinkles. Et voila! You will get a soft and colorful cake, perfect for breakfast or a delicious snack.

Run and try the Conad Candied Macedonia 70g, and add flavor and vivacity to your recipes, to create delicious and colorful desserts that immediately put you in a good mood.

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