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Through the maceration of the Asian legume (used in many different ways) a vegetable drink with an aromatic and slightly salty taste is obtained which can also be enjoyed by those suffering from lactose and gluten intolerance. Furthermore, since it is a 100% vegetable drink, it is ideal for those who have chosen a vegan diet.

Soy milk brings various benefits to the body thanks to its numerous nutritional properties. It is low in saturated fat and rich in vitamins B2, B12 and D. Iron and essential amino acids such as lysine are also very present. It has very few calories and is suitable for those suffering from high cholesterol, gastritis or reflux. It promotes diuresis and the expulsion of liquids, improves muscle tone, hydrates the skin and scalp and helps keep the intestinal flora balanced.

To fully enjoy the benefits of soy milk, you should drink it at breakfast or in the evening before going to sleep. You can accompany it with some cereals or some biscuits and you can also add some coffee in it.

The Conad soy drink is made with care and attention to quality and the environment. The Verso Natura Veg line, in fact, brings together a whole series of products made in a sustainable way that respects nature and biodiversity. The foods and beverages in this line are suitable for those who have chosen a completely free of animal or vegetarian food.

Pop into Conad's online catalog or in our supermarkets and take a look at Verso Natura Veg Soy-based drink with calcium and vitamins 1 litre.


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