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The range of Verso Natura Conad products is a selection of products chosen for responsible and aware consumers. It consists of four lines each dedicated to the major issues of environmental sustainability: VEG, FAIR, BIO and ECO. Biological rice drink is part of the Bio range, it is 100% of vegetable origin and is lactose-free and low in fat.

The rice drink is a particularly suitable food for those with intestinal function problems as it helps regulate them. It is highly digestible because it is rich in simple sugars, cholesterol-free and therefore suitable for those with cardiovascular problems. It is also an ideal food for some categories of people such as lactose intolerant, celiacs and being 100% vegetable it is a widely used food among vegans who prefer it for its high digestibility. Also suitable for those who play sports regularly: a glass of milk before physical activity provides an immediate source of sugar and a good amount of carbohydrates which makes it ideal for those who carry out sports or work activities that require high physical effort.

In the practical 1 liter pack, you can enjoy it in the morning for breakfast, with your favorite cereals, fresh or dried fruit, or you can use it in the kitchen to vary your recipes. It is good eaten alone or as a base for many different preparations. In the kitchen, its uses are many, being a food with a sweet but delicate flavor that goes well with numerous ingredients for the preparation of many recipes. This vegetable drink is widely used to prepare recipes such as béchamel but also puddings, ice creams, custards, pies, tarts and all kinds of vegan desserts.

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