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Prepare healthy and delicious recipes with the Conad mixed lentils, spelt, carrots and peas.

The Conad Mix of lentils, spelled, carrots and peas is a very versatile product, in fact, you can enjoy it both as a complete dish and as an enrichment for side dishes of all kinds. Try it to prepare a delicious cold spelled salad or enriched with vegetables thanks to simple and quick recipes. The Conad spelled and lentil mix is ​​an excellent solution for following a healthy and genuine diet without sacrificing the deliciousness and taste of the dish.

If you have to spend a day away from home for vacation or work and you need a good and easy-to-prepare lunch, the Misto Conad will help you solve the problem. In fact, legumes and vegetables are cooked before being packaged making them always ready to use, so you just need to open the package to prepare a delicious spelled salad in seconds, easy to take with you and full of all the typical flavors of Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to spelled salad, with the addition of a few ingredients, you can also prepare soups and side dishes of all kinds to enrich your dishes!

The Conad mix of lentils, spelled, carrots and peas is stored in a practical and solid 400 g steel can which maintains all the flavors of the product and which will allow you to prepare your spelled salad in a few moments, you just have to open the package and drain before use. The packaging is completely recyclable, check the rules of your municipality to find out how to differentiate the can to minimize the impact on the environment.

Drained weight: 0.245 Kg

Conad for the environment Can - Steel - Check in your municipality

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