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Kinder Brioss is a naturally leavened baked product with a milk filling in a 10 x 27 gram multipack. An excellent snack to eat for breakfast, next to milk or together with a yogurt.

Try dipping it in milk and feel how the flavor of the sponge cake and cream is enhanced, increasing the pleasure of breakfast. Breakfast is fun with Mickey and his friends! Discover many tips, curiosities and games on

Also perfect for your children's playtime, who can easily take it to school, thanks to the single-serving wrappers, or for a quick and easy, but also delicious snack. A soft sponge cake, which encloses two layers of milk cream.

For the preparation of milk cream is used 100% Italian milk , purchased from carefully selected and controlled local suppliers, with a fully traceable supply chain. The milk is then reduced to powder and used in the preparation of the milk cream, to fill the layers of leavened cake.

They are snacks packed with carefully selected ingredients , prepared without additives, preservatives, colourings, hydrogenated fats and GMO ingredients. Contains milk, lactose, wheat/wheat, egg, palm oil and may contain soy, tree nuts and small parts.

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