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The snack contains whole wheat flour, sugar, rehydrated milk powder, palm oil, wheat gluten, water, rice flour, ground barley flakes, rye, rice, oats and wheat, skimmed milk powder, wheat flour , eggs, sunflower oil, glucose-fructose syrup, barley malt extract powder, yeast, fat-reduced cocoa, wheat starch, oat fiber, emulsifiers, soluble coffee extract, salt and flavourings.
It does not contain additives, colourants, preservatives, hydrogenated fats and elements from GMO crops .

Taste Kinder Breakfast More integral for breakfast , together with hot milk and a coffee, or a cup of tea and dried fruit: it will be a good way to start the day with the right energy!
You can take it with you to work, to consume it during a break, or to conclude the lunch break on a sweet note.
The snack is also suitable for children, who will certainly appreciate the double filling and softness, together with milk or juice. It is ideal to be enjoyed at recess at school, or as a snack accompanied by a fruit juice.
For an afternoon snack or for a break from the games of your children and their friends, the 10-piece pack of Kinder Cucina Più integral will be perfect to satisfy everyone.
You can take the snack with you wherever you want, for an outdoor snack or to have something to eat in a practical and comfortable way when you're away from home.

Trust Ferrero's experience and always keep them in the pantry Kinder Breakfast More integral to offer a tasty but light snack to the whole family!

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