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Sometimes finding something that satisfies your children's hunger and cravings is really difficult and in the end you always fall back on the usual foods which however they no longer eat willingly and with gusto.

Kinder Panecioc are small blocks of naturally leavened sponge cake with low-fat cocoa filling and extra chocolate flakes, ideal for making snacks fun and delicious and renewing breakfasts a bit to start the day with sweetness and the right boost. Don't worry about your children's diet, panecioc snacks are free from additives, colorings and preservatives, they contain neither hydrogenated fats nor GMO ingredients. For this reason they can be included in a balanced diet that favors the correct intake of all the nutrients to be eaten from time to time and enjoy a pinch of sweetness.

In addition to the children, you too can enjoy the sugary flavor of the sponge cake in contrast with the more bitter notes of the chocolate flakes. You can eat Kinder panecioc for breakfast to face your long days with a smile, or during your mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks to recover your energy with a tasty snack and finally after lunch or after dinner when you still have that desire for dessert absolutely satisfy! In short, with this snack you will make young and old happy on every occasion!

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