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COCA-COLA Original Taste is a carbonated soft drink, loved by generations and generations, by young and old, in a practical 1.35 l bottle, easier to handle. With this offer you will have two bottles available, to enjoy the unique and inimitable flavor of Coca Cola original, bottled in 100% recyclable PET, in Italian plants.

Coca-Cola is the most famous and sold soft drinks of history, as well as one of the most recognizable brands in the world, with its characteristic red color and legendary writing. A brand that has become a worldwide pillar over the years. The first Coca Cola was invented by the pharmacist John S. Pemberton, who invented a syrup, thanks to his chemical knowledge, which was already very successful at the time.

Subsequently, this syrup became Coca Cola. This happened in Atlanta, way back in 1886 and since then everyone loves the unique taste of Coca Cola. To better appreciate the characteristic flavor of this carbonated drink, serve it chilled, at a temperature of 2-3°C. Taste the feeling.

Original taste is the inevitable drink on the tables during the holidays. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, births or Sundays with the family have always been characterized by the presence of Coca Cola on the table, which unites adults and children with its sweet taste and carbon dioxide bubbles that fizz on the palate. Make your events unique and add them to your online shopping cart COCA-COLA Original Taste 1.35L x 2 (PET) , in the practical double pack, which also allows you to save money.

Keep the bottles in a cool, dry, clean and odorless place, away from sunlight and heat sources and throw away the PET separately, according to the indications of your municipality on separate waste collection. It is a fully recyclable material, which can continue its life cycle in new forms if properly disposed of.

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