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The bags for wet and organic waste are on sale online: you can find the pack containing 10 pieces of 50x60 cm for 30 liters of capacity in the Conad store. The bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable, and are indispensable for being able to collect organic waste at home.
Spent it can happen that, in the Municipalities where door-to-door differentiated waste collection is carried out, users are not supplied with a sufficient number of biodegradable bags, or that those that are usually used for the purchase of fruit and vegetables in supermarkets break with the transport of the goods, and are not reusable. For these reasons, it is always necessary to have a supply of bags for wet and organic waste at home.

The product is part of the Verso Natura Eco line, characterized by the preference for the use of raw materials from renewable sources, by production processes with low environmental impact, and by the choice of increasingly recyclable and "green" packaging solutions: these products they take care of the environment by reducing their impact on it.
Conad is sensitive to the well-being choices of its customers, which are a source of inspiration for the products it creates. Verso Natura Conad is dedicated to those who love good things and want to do good for the environment too!

Use compostable bags every time you have to accumulate waste of natural and food origin, such as fruit peels, leftover food, herbal tea filters, flowers and leaves, coffee grounds and natural fibers, such as cotton and linen. The bags for the wet portion of the waste are ideal for storing small quantities of grass and plant clippings, pet litter, if composed of organic material, wood waste. cork stoppers and toothpicks.
In the event that a bag is very full and there is a risk of breaking it, it is advisable to close it and place it inside another biodegradable bag, so as not to run the risk of spilling all the waste on the ground or on the street.


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