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For the success of a recipe, the quality of the tomato is essential. The Conad Fine Tomato Pulp 3 x 230 g is prepared with the fleshier core of the tomato processed from freshly cut into cubes, giving your cuisine a full and delicate flavour.

Very fine and so creamy, it contains all the goodness and taste of the tomato. Prepared with extra fine pulp, due to its dense and homogeneous consistency it is the ideal condiment to accompany egg pasta.

The tomato pulp is obtained from the best varieties of tomatoes grown in Italy, fresh in season and controlled from the seed to the finished product. The very fine pulp is sweet and fragrant because it is preserved a few hours after harvesting.

With a bright red color, it has a rich consistency of chopped tomato pieces and a fresh taste, designed for those who love a softer flavor and more demanding palates. Try the very fine pulp to prepare Mexican salsa, scrambled eggs with gravy and tomato sausage.

With a sweet taste and creamy consistency, it is perfect to use for the preparation of a quick sauce, just add a drizzle of oil, onion and basil. This product combines tomato juice with its pulpy part cut into small pieces, a feature that makes it perfect for long cooking, such as in the oven.

It is the ideal ingredient for preparing a good homemade pizza or enriching recipes based on vegetables, meat or legumes. You can also try the tomato pulp raw, to season your bruschetta or enrich your summer salads.


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