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The new Barilla Wholemeal Spaghetti are designed to enhance the character of your dishes. Ideal for those, like you, who look for well-being in the kitchen in addition to taste, they are characterized by their perfect consistency, thicker thickness and fuller flavour. Naturally rich in fibre, they are obtained with a delicate grinding method which preserves all the goodness of 100% Italian wheat.

Produced exclusively with local wheat, subjected to milling within national borders, and with a careful selection of supplier companies and rigorous controls on the supply chain, they are also characterized by the excellent relationship between quality and price. Ready in 9 minutes, they keep cooking excellently and are excellent combined with meat sauce, simple tomato or fish sauces.

Try them for carbonara or amatriciana, if you like guanciale. Bet on Genoese pesto to offer a great classic, and on clams to imagine yourself already at the sea. Choose to season them with a ready-to-use Conad sauce (with tuna or olives) to bring a tasty and fragrant first course to the table. If you feel like experimenting in the kitchen, consider the new Barilla spaghetti for a refined recipe with salmon and avocado. If, on the other hand, you go in a hurry, taste them in their simplicity with garlic, oil and chilli pepper or with cacio e pepe.

Among Barilla durum wheat wholemeal semolina pasta, spaghetti could certainly not be missing.

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