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With the Conad Green Tea 25 Filters of 2 g offer you can buy excellent green tea in sachets at an affordable price. Take advantage of it!

For the innumerable benefits it brings, green tea is now also highly appreciated in the West. What distinguishes it is the richness of polyphenols with powerful antioxidant properties. But it doesn't end there!

A precious ally of the cardiovascular system, memory and hair, green tea keeps cholesterol levels under control, and is also a natural anti-inflammatory, particularly effective for fighting the flu. Exceptional metabolism accelerator, it is indicated in case of diet, because it promotes weight loss, and it is a very useful diuretic to counteract water retention and urinary tract infections. In short, if we don't have one at home, the time has certainly come to equip ourselves with one!

Conad Green Tea is the ideal drink for breakfast or for a well-deserved relaxing break. Characterized by a fresh and lively taste, with a pleasant touch of bitterness and a delicately oriental scent, our green tea is obtained from a careful selection of tea camellia leaves (Camellia Sinensis), carefully processed to preserve their color natural.

The unit package contains 25 Filters and is characterized by the excellent relationship between quality and price. Due to the stimulating effect of the polyphenols, only moderate consumption is recommended for those with liver or thyroid-related pathologies. To avoid an overdose of caffeine, it is advisable to moderate its consumption in general and especially during pregnancy.

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