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The Conad Difendicolore leaflet allows you to wash different colored garments together, saving time, water and energy. With a small gesture and a small cost, your clothes are protected and the colors remain bright.

Since a physiological detachment of the pigments from the fabrics occurs with each wash, using leaflets is an excellent idea to avoid irreversible messes. Essential when you do mixed washing, when you have to use programs at high temperatures or when the same clothes are washed frequently (work uniform, jeans, gym set), disposable cloth sheets work and are very useful .

For those of you who love taking care of your clothes, there is no better ally: the special fiber of the Conad Color Defender sheet absorbs the colors released by the fabrics, preventing them from settling on other garments, staining them or reducing their brightness.

The unit package contains 40 sheets and is characterized by the excellent relationship between quality and price. On the back of the cardboard box you can read instructions for use and dosage, and further warnings.

Inserted (or inserted, in the case of large surface garments, red and dark or colored garments in general) in the drum of the washing machine, the leaflet protects the garments and the brilliance of the colors at each wash. In short, it does its dirty work for cleaning your laundry... At the end of the wash it is not reusable and must be thrown in the paper waste.

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