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Verso Natura Bio Organic Pomegranate Drink 500 ml Conad is a tasty drink with a full-bodied and intense flavor and a pungent aftertaste. Each sip leaves a pleasant taste sensation on the palate, a healthy juice to sip alone or in company.

The wild blueberry is a medicinal plant rich in antioxidants, to be taken in case of capillary fragility and venous insufficiency. It also boasts astringent properties, recommended in case of urinary tract infections and to protect eyesight.

The drink is obtained from pomegranates from organic cultivation, where they grow heated by the sun's rays and harvested at the right degree of ripeness. They keep their nutritional properties unaltered, in total respect for nature's rhythms and with attention to the consumption of natural resources.

Conad pomegranate juice has no added sugars except those of the fruit and has a reduced calorie intake, only 41 calories per 100 ml of product. It does not contain preservatives and dyes, providing the body with essential vitamins and nutrients that are essential for its proper functioning. Due to its particular and delicate flavour, you can enjoy it for breakfast or as a snack, savoring it together with your children.

Due to its thirst-quenching power, pomegranate juice is the perfect drink to always have in the fridge in the summer, to take out to find refreshment on the hottest days. You can enjoy it alone or with ice cream and use it in the preparation of delicious fruit smoothies.

The 500 ml glass bottle is the ideal format to always carry with you, an alternative to fruit to sip when you feel the need to carve out a tasteful break between one commitment and another.

Store organic pomegranate juice in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Shake well before use and, after opening, place the bottle in the refrigerator and consume within a few days.

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