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Don't give up on the pleasure of sweets: Piacersi Dolcificante 50 ml Conad is a product that has the same sweetness as sugar but contains zero calories. It has no bitter aftertaste, does not cover the flavors of drinks and dissolves in seconds. Inserted in a balanced diet it helps to reduce the daily caloric intake.

The Piacersi Conad sweetener is a sweetener based on saccharin and cyclamate, an alternative to simple sugar, honey or fructose. It is popular because it is calorie-free and is particularly suitable for low-calorie diets and for maintaining the desired weight. Compared to traditional sugar, it has no nutritional value and does not contribute to the daily energy requirement.

It does not contain aspartame and gluten, a few drops are enough to sweeten any preparation. Add a few drops of Conad liquid sweetener to your pancakes, obtaining a lighter dough.

The Conad liquid sweetener dissolves immediately in any hot or cold drink, try it also as an ingredient for the preparation of desserts with a reduced sugar content. The product can be cooked and the high temperatures do not alter its flavour. Two drops correspond to a 4 g teaspoon of sugar and have the advantage of not adding calories.

The packaging is very practical, equipped with an open-close cap that does not require the use of a teaspoon to take the amount of sweetener to use, it is the product that allows you to have sweetness and practicality always at hand. Try it to sweeten your fresh fruit salad or your evening herbal tea.

Conad Piacersi is a line of products designed for people like you who have different nutritional needs, because liking yourself doesn't necessarily mean giving up the taste of the foods you love.

The intake of the liquid sweetener is not recommended for pregnant women and children under 36 months of age.


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