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This type of legume is perfect for guaranteeing energy needs and a healthy diet, which guarantees the right amount of mineral salts, proteins, fibers and carbohydrates, but guaranteeing a very low sugar and fat content.
The products in the Conad Steamed Cotto line are ideal for those looking for a light and natural product that preserves all the properties of legumes thanks to delicate cooking that respects all the characteristics of the food.

There are various ways to prepare chickpeas, which Conad offers you in a vacuum, ready for use. You just need to drain them, reheat them, and bring them to the table: they manage to reconcile everyone's tastes, both children and adults!
They are ideal to accompany small pasta shapes, such as tubetti and mafaldine, you will find them excellent with sagne, a particular type of hand-made pasta based on water and flour, typical of Abruzzo: in this variant they also go perfectly with mussels, like mussels.
Try them in a classic legume and vegetable soup, a soup with cereals or simply with a drizzle of oil, rosemary and croutons. Another delicious recipe sees chickpeas together with Sardinian gnocchetti, tomato sauce and seafood.

Let's not forget about the hummus: it is a tasty dish originating in the Middle East composed mainly of cooked chickpeas. To legumes just add extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon and sesame seed paste, and we can bring a dish to the table to eat as a single dish or to accompany other preparations.

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