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Findus cod fillet sticks with crunchy breadcrumbs and no added preservatives are ideal for getting children to eat fish. Cheerful and particularly gratifying on the palate, light and easily digestible, they are also very popular with adults. Ready in 13 minutes, in the preheated oven at 220°C, turning them a couple of times, they only require 4 minutes if fried in a pan with plenty of hot oil. They are always excellently sprinkled with the juice of a squeezed lemon and accompanied by a nice green salad.

Among the frozen food proposals for sale online on our digital shelves, the Captain Findus cod sticks could certainly not be missing. Could they possibly be missing in your freezer?! The recommended portion consists of 4 sticks and provides 213 kcal in the oven. The history of Findus is the history of frozen foods in Italy. It is already written that, after having tasted its inimitable cod sticks, you will want to discover its rich and varied ranges.

For a quick and appetizing lunch or for a nice and genuine dinner, you can certainly count on Findus cod fillet sticks with crunchy breadcrumbs (20%). To guarantee the highest quality, the fillets are filleted while still fresh and frozen within 3 hours, before being wrapped in breadcrumbs. They are a 100% Italian product from sustainable and MSC certified fishing.


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