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Large, fleshy and light in color, the Conad White Beans of Spain 400 g represent a particular variety of tasty bean suitable for many cuisines!

The most common and most suitable use for these beans is for mixed salads which are so popular during the summer. Try them with all kinds of vegetables, with tuna, onions, capers, tomatoes or whatever your imagination suggests. They are also perfect cooked for sauces or as an accompaniment to main courses. The White Beans of Spain are particularly rich in proteins and fibres, therefore useful for a correct intake of these substances and appreciated by those who prefer a vegetarian diet. But they are also very tasty thanks to their soft texture and their larger shape compared to other types of beans.

The Conad White Beans of Spain are selected and harvested when they are ripe to bring healthy products that smell of nature directly to your home. Contained in a 400 g steel can, Conad Beans are reintegrated dried beans immersed in water and salt, ready to be used. Keep them in the pantry and open them when you need them to prepare delicious dishes and salads. If you don't use all the beans contained in the jar, transfer them into another container, keep them in the refrigerator and consume them within a few days. The can that the beans were in you can recycle in steel collection.

Conad White Spanish Beans are an alternative to the better known beans but equally appreciated for their taste, convenient use and authenticity. You can choose them from the Conad products on the shelves of any location or in your online shopping. With Conad White Spanish Beans you have a complete nutritional intake and an attractive taste that goes well with your needs!

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Can - FE40: Metal Collection Label - PAP22: Paper Collection Check the rules of your municipality

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