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Water is life. This observation may sound rhetorical and banal, but that doesn't make it any less truthful. Most of our planet is made up of water and it represents the element capable of sustaining all existence. If it weren't like this, we wouldn't stockpile it at home, nor would we drink it every day.

Even if we are told in school that water has no shape and is colourless, odorless and tasteless, we have to contradict this last adjective. The mineral waters we buy at the supermarket have different tastes depending on the brand, origin and mineral salts present. Conad Natural Effervescent Mineral Water is not like all the others.

It comes from the Claudia Spring in Anguillara Sabazia, in the province of Rome, and is naturally effervescent. This means that carbon dioxide is freely dissolved in it in significant quantities so that there is no need to add it later. This is due to the composition of the soil from where the source originates and flows. The richness of minerals makes this mineral water particularly useful for digestion both because it stimulates intestinal motility and bile production and secretion, and because it produces a buffering effect in the stomach.

You can trust the Conad brand. We carefully select the manufacturing companies and carry out careful checks on the manufacturing processes. We are also particularly sensitive to the environmental issue and the effects that production can have on it. That's why our water bottles are all made with 30% recycled plastic. In this way, we try to reduce the use of PET, i.e. virgin plastic.

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