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Very useful for removing limescale and grease, Conad dishwasher care effectively cleans and sanitizes your appliance. Additive to be used exclusively with empty washing, it is easy and convenient to use, thanks to the practical bottle which is inserted upside down in the plate rack (after having removed the adhesive label from the cap and without unscrewing it). To optimize the sanitizing power of Conad dishwasher care, we advise you to select a washing temperature of at least 65°C.

Indispensable for the monthly cleaning of your dishwasher, Conad dishwasher care is also effective for cleaning the seals of the appliance. In this case it will be necessary to shake the bottle, unscrew the cap, pour a little product on a cloth or sponge and pass it on the rubber seals. If the dirt is stubborn, it is advisable to leave it to act for a few minutes, then rinse. The use of rubber gloves is recommended for this type of operation, just as it is important to wash your hands thoroughly after handling the bottle in any case.

Among the Conad brand products for the care of household appliances, Dishwasher Care could certainly not be missing. Could it possibly be missing in your closet?! The container takes up little space and its content is sufficient for one use. In addition to the formulation, you can find warnings and other useful advice indicated on the bottle. The packaging is also characterized by the excellent relationship between quality and price.

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