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Mackerel is a healthy product, one of the tastiest and most nutritious oily fish because it provides noble proteins, with a high nutritional value, and is rich in Omega-3, essential fatty acids, which with 250 mg per day contribute to regular heart function in a varied and balanced diet.

One pack of product contains a portion of bigeye mackerel, water and salt. There are no oils, dyes and preservatives, so it is a particularly light and healthy food, which can be consumed by everyone, especially by people who follow a low-calorie or low-salt diet.
This food is low in fat and salt, and also does not contain sugars and carbohydrates.

Try natural mackerel fillets whenever you have little time to cook and you get home late, or when your fridge is empty but you still want a genuine and nutritious meal.
You can consume them whenever you want, accompanying them with different side dishes: they are perfect with courgettes, aubergines and grilled peppers, with boiled potatoes or with a rich salad of lettuce and tomatoes.
Natural mackerel can be enjoyed in combination with low-fat cheese, or it can act as a condiment for a pasta dish, for example penne or fusilli, or it can still give life to a delicious tomato sauce, with which to dress bucatini .

The product can be the extra ingredient to enrich a couscous of vegetables and legumes, or it can simply be eaten on a crunchy focaccia, with the addition of extra virgin olive oil and parsley.

Conad mackerel fillets in brine are a healthy and light food and can easily enrich your pantry.

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