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Give yourself a moment of pleasure when you want it most with Conad dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts and discover all the goodness contained in every single bar. Let yourself be tempted by a small sin of gluttony by giving in to a setback of this delicious sweet with an enveloping flavor and make all your breaks special. Choose the intense and seductive taste of Conad dark hazelnut and savor the fantastic combination of hazelnuts and the top quality chocolate that surrounds them when you want. Delight your senses with every bite and let yourself be overwhelmed by a sweet passion thanks to this gluten-free product.

Dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts, like all the other Conad brand products, is the result of careful selection among the manufacturing companies and strict and precise controls carried out at all stages of the production cycle. By doing so, you are guaranteed to bring home a top quality ingredient.

Contribute to a virtuous waste cycle by throwing the external wrapping in the paper collection, and remember to always carefully follow the disposal directives of your municipality.

Store Conad dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts in a cool, dry place to avoid any kind of food waste.

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