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In the pantry there must always be something that is able to tickle your taste buds just by thinking about it. Not junk food, but consolatory and reward food to throw out on occasions when you want to indulge in a cuddle. For this purpose there is nothing better than the 130 gram Conad Nocciolato Bianco with Whole Hazelnuts.

This bar combines the delicate and unique taste of white chocolate with the crunchiness of hazelnuts. The taste you will feel in your mouth with every bite will be delicious. The contrast of textures and the harmony of taste will be exciting. The quality of the ingredients is ensured by the Conad brand. All our products are made by carefully selected companies and undergo continuous checks to verify their goodness and well-being. We are also attentive to the environment so much that the chocolate wrapper is completely made of paper so as to be easily recyclable.

You can take your white chocolate with hazelnut inside wherever you want. You can put it in your bag when you go on a trip or when you go to work. The important thing is to keep it in a cool, dry place so that it doesn't melt and spoil the flavour.

There isn't a specific moment to bite into a square. You could treat yourself to one a day in the morning to face the day or in the evening to wish you a sweet goodnight. Surely any break you dedicate to this white chocolate bar will be special. Your pleasure can also be shared. Who said that at the end of a lunch or dinner with guests you have to offer them sweets? A piece of Nocciolaio Bianco Conad will also do just fine. You will save time and make your guests happy.

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