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Have you ever tried Finish All in 1 Max Power Gel 3X degreasing powers? It is the practical and highly effective solution for removing grease from your crockery and giving your dishes the shine you like so much. Find the dishwasher cleaner for sale online in the Conad store, in the 600 ml pack.
Finish detergent is perfect on any occasion where you have dirty pans, glasses and dishes to wash, it is effective on encrusted grease residues, and has a pleasant lemon aroma, which will help make your dishes fragrant and shiny.

Finish All in 1 Max Power Gel offers you, in a single product, everything you need to clean your dishes: it attacks, traps and removes grease from dishes, it is also effective in preventing it from settling again on dishes .
The fast dissolving formula of Finish All in 1 Max Power Gel gives a surprising clean and shine, acts against the most stubborn grease residues, for exceptional results.
The gel leaves no residue, even in short cycles and at low temperatures, making your dishes clean and shiny.

The product contains non-ionic surfactants, polycarboxylates, phosphonates, enzymes and limonene.
It is recommended to dose 20-22 ml of product for lightly soiled dishes, 25-27 ml for medium-dirty dishes, 30-32 ml for heavily soiled dishes. Simply open the bottle, fill the tray with the recommended dosage, then close the tray and select the desired washing programme.

When, after cooking at the end of a lunch or dinner, your table is invaded by dirty plates and glasses, encrusted pans in the sink and cutlery covered in food residues, the solution is Finish All in 1 Max Power! All you have to do is turn on the dishwasher to effortlessly get your dishes clean and shiny, your pans free from grease and grease.

Abandon the trouble of washing dishes by hand, try Finish All in 1 max Power Gel 3X lemon degreasing powers in your dishwasher!

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