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You can use Conad bleach in the washing machine or to clean floors. Depending on why you're using it, you need to use a certain amount. For laundry, you just need one or two glasses to put in the special tray once the pre-wash phase has started. This way, stubborn stains should disappear and your laundry will smell good. If, on the other hand, you are thinking of washing by hand, simply pour a glass of product into a basin full of water (about 10 liters). Remember not to use bleach on wool or silk garments and on fabrics with resistant colors! You could ruin them.

One or two glasses of product should be enough for household cleaning. The important thing is to immerse them in a bucket containing almost a liter of water. You can pass the mop or rag on the floor or sanitize the bathroom fixtures and wall tiles. All with the same solution. Avoid using scented bleach on pure metal as you risk affecting its appearance and strength.

Bleach is also an excellent solution for deep cleaning combs and brushes. You didn't expect that, did you? Yet, it is so! To remove dust residues, just immerse the hair care tools in a basin with a little bleach and wait about ten minutes. They will come out like new!

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