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Conad toilet tablets allow you to effortlessly clean and perfume the toilet every time you use it. Hooked under the edge of the toilet, with each flush they release a pleasant scent and, above all, sanitize the internal walls of the toilet and effectively prevent the formation of limescale.

Small and discreet, individually stored in the protective cellophane and equipped with a hook, they are very easy to use: after having taken them out of the cellophane and having released the hook from the welding edge, they stick firmly to the edge of the toilet, taking care to position them in proximity to the water jet. We advise you to use protective rubber gloves during application and to wash your hands thoroughly in any case at the end of the operation.

The unit package contains 4 pieces and is also characterized by the excellent relationship between quality and price. In addition to the chemical formulation, you can find warnings and other useful advice on the label.

Indispensable against bacteria and limestone in the toilet. Even the least fanatical people in housewives are hardly without it. What are you waiting for to try them too?!


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