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The Double Tomato Concentrate 130 g Conad guarantees the highest quality to your kitchens! It is obtained by evaporating the juice of the best selected tomatoes at high temperatures. The concentrate obtained is dense, fragrant and colorful because made with a large amount of tomato.

Use it to enhance the intense flavors of your traditional first courses, such as amatriciana or ragù sauce, in all sauces and condiments that include tomatoes, but also in meat main courses, for stews or meatballs. The Conad Double Tomato Concentrate is good and full-bodied, a little is enough to give a decisive intensity and sweet at the same time your choices in the kitchen.

The Conad Double Concentrate contains only salt and tomato produced in Italy . All the intensity and naturalness of the tomato, one of the most representative products of the Mediterranean diet, is enclosed in a comfortable tube in aluminum that you can open and squeeze whenever you want and in the quantities you prefer. Then you can also recycle the tube in the aluminum collection. Check what the indications of your Municipality are and contribute to the attention that Conad pays to the environment for a cleaner and more sustainable future . Even the convenient cap with which to open and close the tube can be recycled in the separate collection of plastic.

Store the tube in a cool, dry place and, after opening, keep it in the refrigerator to keep it as lively and rich as it was when it was freshly made. In fact, Double Tomato Concentrate is not only capable of improving and making your condiments special, but it's also good for you! It contains various substances including lycopene, an important and effective antioxidant, but also vitamins and mineral salts.

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