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Galbani, founded in 1882, is a leading company in Italy for the production of dairy products: every day it carries out more than 6,000 checks to ensure high quality standards. Santa Lucia mascarpone is one of the many products made with care and attention: it has an irresistible creaminess, the result of its exclusive recipe, while its delicate, enveloping taste and easy-to-work consistency make it the ideal ingredient for transforming any homemade dessert in a delicious specialty.
Unleash your creativity in the kitchen, using mascarpone in your desserts or instead of cream to cream your first courses or enrich second courses of meat!

The product is made using milk, milk cream and citric acid, and is contained in a practical, resealable round tray.
It is famous for its use in making tiramisu, the king of cold homemade desserts, loved by young and old. In this regard, for a better result in the preparation, it is advisable to take the mascarpone out of the refrigerator at least 20 minutes before adding it to the egg yolks.
Still in the field of desserts to be eaten fresh, the product can be used for a tasty fruit cheesecake, but it is also very useful for composing creams to fill cakes and spoon desserts.

Try Galbani mascarpone also in savory recipes: use it to cream risotto with radicchio or seafood, or to stuff a rustic pizza with smoked salmon and zucchini! It is ideal for making puff pastries and canapés to serve as an aperitif, or to season pasta with cheese, or to garnish scallops.

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