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Fashions pass, rosé wines remain. Ah yes, it is appropriate to say it, pardon ... to write it. Because the consumption of rosé wines, which a few years ago had become a real trend, over time has shown that it is the result of a completely precise and conscious choice.

Loved by the female clientele (and well beyond easy symbolic issues), rosé wine is appreciated by everyone. Of course, the breadth of its combinations at the table is a key factor. Fresh and balanced flavor another.

Conad Rosé Wine comes from 100% Italian grapes and is a quality product, obtained with a careful selection of the producers and rigorous additional controls.

Part of a complete range of Conad-branded table wines in bricks (red, white and rosé), rosé wine is suitable for accompanying everyday meals, perfectly enhancing the flavor of appetizers, first courses of fish and meat white. If the practical tetrapak packaging and the screw cap closure allow you to better preserve its characteristics, temperatures between 12 - 14° C are ideal for serving it.

Good and Italian, among the rosé wines for sale online, the Rosè 1 l Conad is already a guarantee. If you don't know it yet, try it for meals and also for aperitifs and aperitifs. Your guests will appreciate its aromatic and delicate taste, its floral freshness, its fruity aromas.

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