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Do you want to quench your thirst with a fresh carbonated drink but don't want to give up the genuineness of a fruit juice? Aranciata Conad is the fizzy drink that's right for you: each bottle contains at least 20% of juice from the best Italian oranges, coming from carefully selected manufacturers controlled by Conad.

And this is why Conad does not need artificial colorings to obtain the lively orange color of its orange soda. And the palate thanks you.

Spice up your meals whenever you want. Whether your friends are there or just you at the table doesn't matter: every occasion becomes special if accompanied by a glass of sparkling orange juice.

Are you planning a party? Send the invitations, stock up on bottles of Conad 1.5 l Aranciata and get ready for the fun. The little ones go crazy for the tickling joy of its bubbles and the grown-ups can enjoy it with a small addition of vodka to create a thirst-quenching long drink. Add ice to taste, garnish the glasses with a slice of orange and you're immediately ready for the toast!

Every bottle of Conad Aranciata helps you live in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. How? Reducing the use of virgin plastic: each package is in fact created using at least 50% recycled plastic. Why waste if you can reuse? And, once you open the bottle, remember to put it in the fridge and consume it within 2-3 days.

Open a bottle of Conad 1.5 l Aranciata and let yourself be conquered by its inimitable vivacity!

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100% Italian
Less plastic
Bottle - PET 1: Plastic Collection Cap - HDPE 2: Plastic Collection Label - PP 5: Plastic Collection

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