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Obtained by carefully selecting and processing i adult yellowfin tuna that have already reached reproductive maturity (and before that with a careful choice of fishing areas, supplier companies and with rigorous additional controls), is a quality product and responsible fishing.

Leaner than tuna preserved in oil (it has only 94 kcal per 100 g of drained product) e with reduced fat content , Conad yellowfin tuna in brine is particularly indicated in case of dietary regimen .

Inevitable on Christmas Eve to season pasta and always essential for mixed salads, it goes well with many ingredients and is very useful in the kitchen. Blend it with mayonnaise, capers and anchovies to prepare the famous tuna sauce. Or mix it with coconut powder and lime to obtain a fresh and exotic cream that will surprise everyone as an aperitif.

Keep them in the pantry cans of tuna it's always a good idea because fish should be eaten 2-3 times a week (it provides proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, mineral salts and essential vitamins) but not everyone has the time to cook it. So that's what Conad tuna in brine 2 x 160 g is a resource not only useful but also precious for the health of our body .

On the packaging, next to the lot, you can find the indication of the fishing area. You can also write to to receive additional information such as the name of the boat and the fishing area of ​​the tuna you just bought.

Drained weight: 0.224 Kg

  • Conad for the environment Wrapping - Cardboard - PAP 21 - Can Paper Collection - Steel - FE 40 - Check in your municipality Always follow the rules of your municipality
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