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Conad branded products derive from the careful selection of the manufacturing companies and from the additional checks carried out before being put on the market.
The fruit salad in syrup contains fruit in varying proportions, including peaches, pears, pineapples and grapes, together with water, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup and citric acid. It is gluten-free, colourants and additives added.
As a fresh and delicious dessert or to give your break a touch of sweetness, Conad fruit in syrup is ideal for savoring the pleasure of the best fruit all year round: with the Conad fruit salad you bring to the table a fresh and tasty mix of best fruit carefully selected, cut into pieces and preserved in water and sugar.

Taste the product at the end of a lunch or dinner, and delight your family or guests with a fresh and delicious healthy and genuine dessert. As an alternative to natural fruit, fruit salad in syrup can be a delicious after-meal, and also serve as a dessert!
Served fresh from the refrigerator, Conad fruit in syrup becomes an inviting snack to be consumed on a hot summer afternoon. It will also be appreciated by the little ones, who will thus be able to savor a sweet product, but not greasy and without chemical additives.
Try the fruit salad paired with ice cream: put the fruit in a cup and cover with vanilla, custard or whipped cream scoops, your satisfaction will be guaranteed!
You can also use the product to fill a homemade dessert.

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