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Conad Muffins with Chocolate Nuggets 6 Pieces 252 g are a tasty snack without palm oil, hydrogenated fats and colourants, good to be enjoyed by the whole family.

With a light and delicate flavour, they are very good to accompany milk or cappuccino. Start your day in the best possible way in the company of soft chocolate muffins, for a sweet and at the same time nutritious awakening. Want an idea on how to serve them? Try reheating them in the oven for a few seconds, they're good even hot.

The delicious chocolate nuggets give the muffins a distinctive flavor, making them truly unique. Perfect for your children's snack, accompany them with a fruit juice or orange juice. The delicious and soft Conad muffins will be hard to resist because everyone really likes them.

These soft and delicious cakes are perfect for a sweet snack, adding a note of sweetness to your days. Let yourself be conquered by their exquisite goodness and the inimitable taste of chocolate nuggets.

Characterized by a soft consistency and genuine taste, Conad muffins are prepared with simple and tasty ingredients, just as tradition dictates, a soft dough enriched with small chocolate nuggets that melt on the palate.

They represent a delicious solution to always have in your bag, to calm a sudden craving for sweets and consume between one commitment and another for a short but tasty break.

Soft and with the unmistakable scent of cocoa, they are perfect to serve at the end of a dinner as a dessert, to end an evening with friends on a sweet note.

Conad muffins are a must for those who love the sweet and irresistible taste of chocolate, a temptation to always have with you, sweets that conquer at the first bite and make every occasion special.

Each pack of Conad muffins contains 6 individually wrapped muffin snacks. Keep the product in a cool and dry place.

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