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To start fighting the high cholesterol the first weapon is the lifestyle.
Physical activity and a balanced diet are two of the key magic words for good cardiovascular health and more. But what can we combine with a lifestyle change to reduce blood cholesterol values? Danacol it works reducing cholesterol effectively and safely thanks to its plant steroids : molecules of plant origin that are found naturally in various foods, including cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, olives, and fruit. Experts have calculated that to take 1.6 g of plant sterols, a dose useful for keeping cholesterol at bay, it would be necessary to eat 32 kg of tomatoes or 12 kg of apples every day, because plant sterols are present in very small quantities in foods . With every bottle of Danacol you take 1.6g of vegetable steroids, and if consumed correctly every day, after the main meal, you will be able to see a significant improvement in blood cholesterol levels (about 10% less) already after 3 weeks. Danacol is a drink based on fermented skimmed milk with added vegetable steroids, with no added sugar, no preservatives and naturally gluten-free, but it is also a product tasty and pleasant to be eaten, fresh and creamy, for a sweet after-dinner meal that won't make you regret any dessert! And so that you can always savor it with pleasure, it has been formulated in different flavours, including pineapple , strawberry, red fruits, peach and apricot.

Danacol cares about your well-being and that of the environment: this is why it always chooses recyclable packaging. After enjoying your Danacol, separate it like this: the outer packaging will go in the paper, the bottle in the plastic and the silver tab in the aluminum.

100% natural
Danone supports the environment

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