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Prepared with the best 100% Italian malt, selected and analyzed at every step of the production process, to keep a gluten content of less than 10ppm, Peroni Gluten Free beer is guaranteed by the AIC (Italian Celiac Association) crossed ear brand.

Particularly thirst-quenching and very light, Gluten Free Peroni has a low alcohol content and contains very few calories. Fundamental in the spirits corner on every table set for a party, it is pleasant at any time of the day and will delight you thanks to its round and balanced taste.

Among the beers for sale online on our digital shelves, Peroni's gluten-free Italian beer could certainly not be missing. Could it possibly be missing in your fridge?! As with all alcoholic beverages, moderate consumption is obviously recommended. Like all beers, it should be drunk well ice cold!

For a solitary meal and for a drink in company, for an evening with pizza in front of the new TV series, to accompany happy hour chips, pizzas and appetizers, to cool off after a hot day, to gratify yourself a little , to better savor a sandwich, to invite friends over to watch a game... And more, to offer a guest something different from a coffee, to have a chat on the terrace with the roommates, to imagine yourself already in costume on a beach or in the pub in front of hamburgers and fries, for a nightcap and for any pleasant occasion... you can certainly count on Peroni Gluten Free Beer alc. 4.7% ABV

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