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Your dog deserves a tasty and nutritious complete food that contributes to its physical well-being and the maintenance of the beauty of its coat. Petfriends Pate with beef and chicken, the most suitable product for feeding your 4-legged friend. Buy the 150 gram pack now!

Conad dog food is made from meat and beef and chicken derivatives, by-products of vegetable origin and mineral substances. It does not contain added colors and artificial preservatives. It is suitable for small size adult dogs.
The recommended doses are indicative for an animal in good health, therefore they can vary taking into account the weight, physiological state, age and living conditions of the dog. For a subject weighing up to 4 kg, 1 to 2 packs per day are recommended, from 4 to 8 kg, 2 to 4 trays, while for dogs weighing 8 to 12 kg, 4 to 6 packs are optimal. Remember to serve at room temperature and always leave a bowl of fresh water available for the dog.

Give Petfriends pate to your dog every day, he will certainly appreciate it and you will notice how the meal will give him the vitality and energy that are typical of any animal in good psychophysical health.
You can take the product with you wherever you go, to ensure your dog a complete and delicious meal even outside the home, preventing him from being forced to eat foods that are not exactly suitable for an animal.
Your 4-legged friend will be happy and satisfied with his meal, and you will have the guarantee of having fed him with a complete and balanced food.

Remember to add Patfriends Pate with beef and chicken to your online shopping list and make your dog satisfied with a healthy and appetizing food!

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