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Petfriends Plus Junior Conad Croquettes with Chicken and Rice is a complete food for puppies over 6 weeks and up to 12 months. It is a complete and balanced food, specific to promote the growth of your puppy, guaranteeing a minimum intake of 30% animal protein, coming from fresh meat processing.

The Growth Formula is designed to meet the puppy's specific protein and fat needs, supporting its regular muscle development and sustaining its vivacity. It is also ideal for pregnant and lactating females of all sizes, to meet the specific needs of these conditions. In case you were introducing this food for the first time, replacing another, integrate it little by little, over a week, to get the animal used to the change.

Chicken is the main source of protein in this product. Rice was added to it, easily digestible and assimilable by the animal, as a source of carbohydrates. The croquettes for dogs recipe with chicken and rice is enriched with vitamins (A, D3, E) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, copper, iron), brewer's yeast and zinc, to maintain a beautiful coat , shiny and bushy to your pup. Finally, to help your pet's intestinal well-being, there is beet pulp, to promote intestinal regularity. Conad Petfriends Plus products do not contain added artificial colors and preservatives. The recommended daily doses, which can be divided into two meals, vary according to the puppy's weight and months.

The package contains 1.5 kg of croquettes produced for Conad in a factory in the province of Cuneo.

Drained weight: 1.5 Kg

Conad for the environment Wrapping - Mixed plastic - Undifferentiated collection Always follow the rules of your municipality

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