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Farchioni has been producing oil since 1780. Centuries of experience have been handed down from generation to generation, on the cultivation and processing of the olives that will become oil. The Umbrian family has always personally taken care of the selection of the olives which become superior category extra virgin olive oil. An oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

All the olives come from the European Union, from a controlled supply chain and go to create the rich, soft and full-bodied taste of Farchioni extra virgin olive oil, in the convenient 1 liter pack. The company combines its ethical values ​​with innovation of production processes and the value of environmental and social sustainability. The result is a series of activities aimed at offering good and tasty products, respecting human health and the environment. It has therefore created a protocol that provides for the quality of the production processes and ingredients used, the safety and well-being of the workers, environmental protection and energy efficiency. When all these actions are respected, the Umbrian company places the QAS (Quality, Environment, Safety) logo on each package of their olive oil.

You can use this oil in the kitchen in many ways, both raw and for cooking. Excellent for dressing salads, bruschetta or as a final touch on risottos, it is also the basis for preparing all your recipes, both sweet and savory. Put a drizzle on top of a grilled steak or fish au gratin. Prepare desserts, biscuits or quiches, sauces, gravies, roasts and grills. Respect the balance of your dishes with its balanced flavour.


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