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Chef Panna 200 ml UHT long-life you use it in the kitchen to prepare a myriad of different and tasty recipes. If you're short on time, you can use it in quick recipes: just pour it over pasta cooked in salted water, sprinkle a little grated cheese on top and the dish is ready. For an even more intense flavour, to be prepared in a few seconds, you can melt the butter in a pan with some sage leaves, add the cream and the pasta and sauté everything together for a minute.

Also for the boscaiola, cooking cream is a fundamental ingredient which gives its special creaminess to the dish and binds all the ingredients together. The Chef cream is perfect for binding the ingredients with the creaminess of the milk. Add some to your soups to make them even more creamy and delicious. Whether they are savory recipes, appetizers, appetizers or desserts, this cream will be your ally in the preparation of many dishes.

Chef, since 1969, offers a story of quality, taste and innovation, to transform your dishes in an easy, fast and creative way. Fasten your apron, discovering the world of Chef recipes on and let yourself be inspired by recipes such as vegetable omelettes, chickpea and turmeric meatballs, pea and ginger soup and much more.

It is a milk-based food from the European Union, which does not contain gluten and preservatives, as established by current legislation. The 200 ml pack is convenient to use, is produced in a sustainable way, is renewable and recyclable and can be thrown in the paper collection, according to the indications of your municipality on separate collection. If you don't use all the cream, put it in the fridge and consume it within 3/4 days.

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