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If we say that in every house there is a bag of potatoes, we are not afraid to be false. If we say that potatoes are always delicious, we state the obvious. What to add then?

We can perhaps focus on the Vivaldi variety of potatoes: with yellow flesh and skin, with tender and not very floury pulp, of medium consistency, with a delicate flavour. Ideal for purées and dumplings due to its granular structure. Also ideal in the oven and boiled for its pulp suitable for the absorption of condiments and aromas. Finally, it is ideal for frying because its grain absorbs little oil during cooking.

We can also think of including potatoes in today's menu, preparing an exaggerated tortilla. And in tomorrow's one, mixing them with tuna, parsley and lemon juice for the freshest meatloaf of the summer. And on Friday, to honor tradition, putting them in the oven with fennel and parsley seeds and a nice sea bream.

Finally, we can call our friend from Bari to remind us how to make rice, potatoes and mussels. Or imitate the recipe of the trendy place that offers fried potatoes sliced ​​thinly, with their skin on and seasoned with pepper and Parmesan.

We always like potatoes! In the spring salad boiled with carrots and green beans, to turn even the most banal chicken breast. In the heart of winter prepare in foil filled with melted butter, to warm the heart too. In the company of trofie, Genoese pesto and green beans, to leave even the most talkative of the diners speechless.

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